We Are Sustainable

Sustainable living is our new norm!

EcoGreen Fit Wear is an on-demand drop shipper, and increasingly making it a major priority to be a major part of this industry in fitness apparel and sustainable products. Our on-demand production service is ahead of the fast fashion brands in terms of sustainability, and we don’t want to stop there. Sustainable activewear and products is a movement that we want to advance our customers towards more ecological processes and social justice.

Our transition to sustainable practices is a movement that aims to make sure that our products are manufactured, sold, and used in the most sustainable way possible. We are changing on all levels starting from sourcing the materials to how we produce and sell fitness apparel.

Changing EcoGreen Fit Wear to a sustainable brand doesn’t just champion changes that are good for the environment, we also aims to address the social issues that concern the workers of the industry, such as low wages and poor working conditions.

The call for us to become a sustainable brand strongly comes from customers. We understand people are aware of our planets' problems and they want to do better, demanding that companies follow along.