Are you passionate about living your best life? Do you love our active wear? Do you want to be a brand ambassador for EG Fit Wear? If you answer YES to all of these questions then you may have what it takes! 

The EG Fit Wear Lifestyle Ambassador Team was created with the purpose of supporting our core values and growing our local community. The goal of this program is to bring together a group of EG Fit Wear Elite Individuals who love “living their best lives” each day doing what they love to build a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Ambassadors will positively affect their community and educate others about EG Fit Wear while encouraging self-empowerment through their daily activities. This is a Lifestyle Team, and we are looking for the most self-motivated, influential people in town! 

The EG Fit Wear Lifestyle Ambassador Team is selected through an application process. 

Lifestyle Ambassador responsibilities:

  1. Represent EG Fit Wear by wearing branded apparel.  Free branded apparel may be provided with announcements for photos.
  2. Be involved, educated and enthusiastic about what EG Fit Wear is all about.
  3. Continue being active on social media, highlighting yourself in action doing something you love. 
  4. Share an EG Fit Wear event or post on social media when announced. Social media platforms can include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.  
  5. When posting images online be sure to credit the following item you’re wearing:     Leggings: @egfitwear
  6. When posting, include or reference your personal discount url
  7. As part of the program, you agree to allow us to share your photos, stories, and results on our social media, website, and other channels.

Lifestyle Ambassador perks:

  1. Receive free EG Fit Wear branded item(s) 
  2. 15% store discount on all of your purchases (personal code will be sent to you)
  3. Opportunities to participate in photo shoots, vendor shows and local events
  4. Earn 10% commission for all sales using your personal url code.
  5. Anyone who uses your code gets 10% off there purchases.  

Thanks again for your interest in being a part of our Lifestyle Ambassador Team.