EG Fit Wear is the premier e-commerce destination for performance eco-friendly athletic "art wear" and fashion. Offering our own branded label, and our expertly handmade selections of contemporary and edgy designs. We aim to push the boundaries between functional activewear and progressive street style, licensing women to be bold and empowered. 

Our mission is to offer women a "pop" of color in their closet and in the gym through our eco-friendly active wear line.


About The Creator & Designer 

Creator, Karen A. Redmond, loves health, fitness and affordable fashionable active wear for women.  So what did she do?  She started EG Fit Wear, an online store that offers handmade, custom designed, high performance active apparel for women.  As a new NPC and OCB Figure Athlete, she is starting a detailed information guide on her findings and experience on health, fitness and wellness worldwide through her blog.


Karen is a Michigan State University Alumni who was born and raised in Detroit, MI.  Several years after college, she moved to Baltimore, MD and the DC area by herself to start a new life and begin a new journey.  That journey led her to Virginia Beach, VA where she now resides and intends to complete her goals and services to the community.

While living in Maryland, she was active in the gym and ran her neighborhood weekly.  But it wasn’t until she moved to Virginia Beach, that she was introduced to the life of marathon running.  For 2 1/2 years straight she joined the Marathon Maniacs and traveled all over the country each month to run distance races.

Some wear-n-tear began to show from running frequent marathons, so to avoid injuries, she decided to give her body a break and begin lifting, bodybuilding and powerlifting to rebuild her muscle mass.  Lifting became her new love and she is now a member of the National Physique Committee and Organization of Competition Bodies to start a bodybuilding career as a Figure Competitor.

With her extensive experience in fitness and travel, she decided to start a fitness blog and clothing line to represent her journey and inspire others to get out and live your best life each day.

Through the success of her leggings line, Karen has been featured in Tidewater Women Magazine for her contribution to her community in the Hampton Roads area in Virginia.

Karen’s mission is to encourage women to stand out in the crowd, using inner happiness and joy-“like a pop of color”.  Having her own business allows Karen to make an impact on the world.

Her goal for the future is to help educate and support sustainable living through  eco-friendly active wear and and eco-lifestyles.  Her advice to others about being successful is simple:  “Build your life around who and what you love”, “success comes from passion and love for what you do and who you do it with.”

For press and business inquiries, collaborations, sponsorships, or partnerships please email us at EGFitWear@gmail.com.