Serious Shoulders

The shoulders are one of the most visible body parts on a woman’s body. Whether you’re wearing a dress, a bikini or a tank top, your shoulders are constantly on display. What they say about you depends on how toned they are. A shapely, rounded pair of deltoids, with definite separation from the biceps, announces to the world that you are fit, toned, and tight.

Shoulder Basics

Your deltoid muscles sit like two caps at the top of your torso. Each deltoid is one muscle but it is often referred to as three distinct parts:

  • Anterior deltoid (front, in red)
  • Medial deltoid (side, in green)
  • Posterior deltoid (rear, in blue)

When you work to tone each of these three ‘heads’ of the deltoid, you create a beautiful shape to the shoulder muscle. You also give a great hanger for your clothes.

There are some common mistakes that women make when trying to tone their shoulder muscles. It often starts with a definition of goals. Most women are intent on toning the shoulders. So, what does this actually mean?

Tone is not the same thing as being strong or having large muscles. Being toned means that the muscle is tight, even when it’s relaxed. When you can see muscle definition without the need to flex the muscle, then the muscle is toned.

A muscle toning workout will make your muscles somewhat stronger. However, it is not a max strength designed program. People often use too heavy a weight, which tenses the neck and causes them to cheat on their form.

Working the shoulders without tensing the neck can be tricky. Yet, this is what you must do if you want to isolate the working muscle group (you do).

Article from: Fit 7 Me

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